Monthly Archives: August 2019

Little Operations, TLSQ, Chamber Made – 29th September 2019

The Letter String Quartet are thrilled to be working with Chamber Made on Little Operations, to present the development of All that you hear is all that is heard, a site specific work composed by The Letter String Quartet’s very own Artistic Director Extraordinaire, Biddy Connor.

We’re loving spending time in Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building developing this show. Come and see what we’ve discovered!

Details can be found at Chamber Made, The Letter String Quartet, or Facebook.

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music – 6-8th September 2019

The wattle is out in Central Victoria, which means it’s almost time for BIFEM! This year, the Argonaut Quartet are performing in two very special concerts!

First up is Graphite Barrier on opening night. For this collaboration with Swedish artists Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström, we’ll be performing the world premiere of Ann’s piece Resilient Memory String.

In our second performance, we’ll be closing BIFEM 2019 with our string quartet concert Motions of Large Real Bodies. We’ll be joined by our dear friend Sam Dunscombe on electronics, so present works by Lucier, Katie Young, and Deniz Nurhat. Finally, we’ll close the festival with an extremely special event, the Southern Hemisphere premiere of Robert Ashley’s String Quartet Describing the Motions of Large Real Bodies.

Don’t miss this extremely special BIFEM! Tickets and details are all at the BIFEM website.

Pseudacusis, Sacrum Profanum Festiwal – 27th September 2019

Can’t quite believe I get to go to Sacrum Profanum Festiwal in Krakow this year! And as if eating all the pierogi in Poland wasn’t exciting enough, I’m playing the European Premiere of my favourite new viola d’amore piece Nor Girdling Gnaw by Natasha Anderson AND will be dusting off my skrzypce for Anthony Pateras’ Pseudacusis.

Be sure to check out the whole incredible festival programme, with details for our opening-night show here!