Monthly Archives: January 2015

MIUC’s 17th Birthday – 27th January 2015

I can hardly believe Make It Up Club is turning 17 already and Tuesdays in January are celebration times. If you can make it to Bar Open on the 27th you’ll get to hear lots of swell sounds made by:

Christian Kobi [CH] (Saxophone), Reuben Lewis (Trumpet) & Jon Heilbron (Bass) 

Aviva Endean (Clarinet), Lizzy Welsh (Violin) & Rohan Drape (Keys, Electronics)

Peter Hyde (Voice), Chris Nylstoch (Guitar) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)

Michael Graeve (Electronics), Ben Kolaitis (Electronics) & Vijay Thillaimuthu (Electronics)

DJ Toecutter aka David Harris (Turntables, CDJs, Media)

Tilde New Music Festival 2015 – 24th January 2015

Melbourne musicians/composers/improvisors/sweethearts, Vince Giles and Alice Bennett, have created an incredible new music festival and I’m stoked to be joining them this year. This festival has all the good things about Melbourne: experimental music, art and interdisciplinary collaboration at an amazing venue that is reinvigorating previously unused urban space with tasty refreshments available. You should probably come on down and see for yourselves.

Tilde New Music Festival 2015

Jon Rose, Definitions of Music in the 21st Century and Rosenberg 3.0

Jon Rose is one of the most prolific musicians and creators of our time and I’m honoured to be included in this list of definitions of Music in the 21st century:

You can purchase Rosenberg 3.0 the book here:
At the very least, do yourselves a favour and spend an afternoon checking out Jon’s website- there’s an abundance of unique delights to behold. My personal favourite is the double violin.