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Australian Easter Viol School – 7-10th April 2023

So looking forward to the Australian Viola da Gamba Society Easter Viol School this year, and it’s going to be in Beechworth- Autumn in Beechworth is totally stunning!

I’m thrilled to be joining the faculty with Joshua Keller (USA), Pippa Macmillan (UK, Canada), Laura Moore, Reidun Turner, and John Weretka. I’ll be presenting some classes and a joint-lecture with John Weretka on extended techniques for anyone interested in historical/new ways of using their instruments.

Check out the AVdGS website for details!

The Target Has Disappeared, Discreet Editions – 7th April 2023

It is my great pleasure to announce the upcoming release of my debut solo album The Target Has Disappeared on the brilliant Swiss label Discreet Editions.

The album comprises some of my favourite new works for baroque violin composed by excellent composers and special friends Natasha Anderson, Alexander Garsden, and Sam Smith. We recorded in various stages over the past few years, with lots of pandemic- and life-related interruptions along the way. I’m so humbled that it has all come together, and grateful to my label and the inimitable Clara de Asís and Mara Winter for releasing it into the world.

You can check it out here from April 7th.

And see some reviews by:
Michele Palozzo at Esteros here;
Ben Harper at Boring Like a Drill here; and
Peter Margasak at Bandcamp here, where we made The Best Contemporary Classical on Bandcamp: April 2023!

Tilman Robinson & Outlier – 13th & 14th October 2022

Third time lucky?

With humongous thanks to Creative Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts, excellent colleagues Tilman Robinson and Chloë Sobek (Outlier) and I have been working on a collaborative piece that we’re debuting in my home town at the stunning Theatre Royal, and at the Melbourne Recital Centre this March.

If experimental renaissance instruments with electronics is your thing, you should check it out!

Theatre Royal tickets here.

MRC tickets here.

Bach Concertos, Van Diemen’s Band – 23-29th June 2022

I’m thrilled to be finally hitting the road with VDB after years of working behind the scenes, and we’ve got a very important new instrument joining us; our brand new harpsichord by Titus Crijnen!

Come and check out the lovely Donald Nicolson playing this new instrument in some gorgeous concertos by none other than JS Bach.

Tickets and info here.