Works written for/by Lizzy

The Moon/Seven Moons for qanun and string quartet, Lizzy Welsh & Biddy Connor (2022)~
Written for Vahideh Eisaei and The Letter String Quartet

Der rote König for viola d’amore, violas da gamba, and electronics, Lizzy Welsh (2022)^~
Written for Tilman Robinson and Outlier

belonging for solo viola, Lizzy Welsh (2021)-

Feint for baroque violin, harpsichord and electronics, Rohan Drape (2020)

Chaconne (for I) for solo baroque violin or violin, Alexander Garsden (2019)

Dislodging for solo violin, Elizabeth Welsh (2019)

Nor Girdling Gnaw for solo viola d’amore and 6-channel electronics, Natasha Anderson (2019)+

At least not for the next ever for solo baroque violin, David Chisholm (2019)^’

The Target Has Disappeared for baroque violin, voice and electronics, Natasha Anderson (2018)*^

The Glass Violin for baroque violin, voice, wine glasses and live processing, Biddy Connor (2018)

archive for baroque violin, Samuel Smith (2017)

dead oceans for string quartet, Samuel Smith (2017)”

….. of sediment for mixed ensemble, Vincent Giles (2017)

Part Sound for traverso, baroque violin & baroque guitar, Dylan Lardelli (2017)*/

End to Reattain for violin & electronics, Vincent Giles (2016)

Curious Animals for baroque violin and nylon string guitar, Padraic Mann (2016)*^.

silver as catalyst in organic reactions for baroque violin with classical bow, Vince Giles (2016)

I was only thinking of Jerzy Grotowski for baroque violin and electronics, Kim Cunio (2016)

CME, 23rd July 2012, (Near Miss) for violin and computer, Alexander Garsden, Lizzy Welsh (2015)

Three Paths to the Lake for baroque violin, synthesiser and church organ, Rohan Drape (2015)

Crepuscule for baroque violin, traverso, harpsichord and electronics, Simon Charles (2014)*~

Law II for baroque violin and electronics, Alexander Garsden (2013)*^

Fou for baroque violin and acoustic guitar, Jeanette Little (2013)*

Is for solo amplified violin with delay, Mary Finsterer (2013).

Prelude for baroque violin, traverse and harpsichord, Peter de Jager (2013)

Nearly Shadow for string quartet, Alexander Garsden (2012)

Open Chain for string quartet, de-tuned harpsichord and Revox B-77 reel-to-reel tape machine, James Rushford (2012)

Cruel and Usual for string quartet and four bass amps, Cat Hope (2011)*

*works commissioned/part commissioned by Lizzy
^works supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria
~works supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts
/works supported by the New Zealand Government through Creative New Zealand
“work commissioned by Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music
+work commissioned by Inland Concert Series and Sacrum Profanum Festiwal
‘work commissioned with support from Pixel Seed
-work commissioned by Punctum