Thanks to  for taking the time to listen and write this beautiful review of my latest release on Discreet Editions, “The Target Has Disappeared”.

Latitude 37 had a blast playing this Passions of the Soul concert at Melbourne Digital Concert Hall. Thanks to Jane Downer for reviewing it for us so thoughtfully in classikON.

Thanks to Emma Muir-Smith for this lovely review of our performance at the Peninsula Summer Music Festival, published in The Age:

I was lucky enough to spend an hour with the incredibly talented Romy Ash and she wrote this magical piece about it for The Saturday Paper:

The Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music is important in so many ways and I’m honoured to be a part of it. Alistair Noble expresses, much more eloquently than I am able, the many virtues of festivals like this one:

Some reviews of Zorn in Oz shows at Adelaide Festival 2014:

and my personal favourite:

Check out this review by Ausjazz’s Roger Mitchell of the recent Australian Art Orchestra show at Bennett’s Lane:

Thanks to Alison Croggon for coming to Metapraxis and taking the time to write this about it:

And also Simon Charles from RealTime: