Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music – 6-8th September 2019

The wattle is out in Central Victoria, which means it’s almost time for BIFEM! This year, the Argonaut Quartet are performing in two very special concerts!

First up is Graphite Barrier on opening night. For this collaboration with Swedish artists Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström, we’ll be performing the world premiere of Ann’s piece Resilient Memory String.

In our second performance, we’ll be closing BIFEM 2019 with our string quartet concert Motions of Large Real Bodies. We’ll be joined by our dear friend Sam Dunscombe on electronics, so present works by Lucier, Katie Young, and Deniz Nurhat. Finally, we’ll close the festival with an extremely special event, the Southern Hemisphere premiere of Robert Ashley’s String Quartet Describing the Motions of Large Real Bodies.

Don’t miss this extremely special BIFEM! Tickets and details are all at the BIFEM website.